Vanuatu’s 40th Independence Anniversary

83 Islands Distillery makes premium craft rum and spirits using local Vanuatu ingredients. We are proud to make rum in Vanuatu and we hope that our bottles which are emblazoned with Vanuatu will be exported and enjoyed all over the world.

Vanuatu is one of the cleanest places on earth, with organic crops and untouched subtropical forests. When we started the distillery, we had the goal of showcasing the country and its people’s savoir-faire to the world by using as many local ingredients as possible. We are now distilling or infusing fruits such as pineapple and kombava. We extract kava to use in our spice rum featuring local vanilla and pepper. We are a young company and like Vanuatu did 40 years ago, we embarked on an incredible journey of growth. We hope that one day our rum will gain the maturity that Vanuatu has today.

It seems appropriate to use this occasion to dream about the future of Vanuatu and 83 Islands Distillery. For us, the future means employing dozens, or even hundreds more ni-Vanuatu for planting and harvesting Vanuatu sugarcane. It means an equitable and sustainable relationship with farmers. It means having hundreds of tourists every day flying in to visit Vanuatu and our distillery from all-over the world. It means training and having a highly skilled local workforce to manage the production, manufacture and export of high-quality rum. It means Vanuatu having a more diversified economy and being recognised as a producer and exporter of high-quality products. It means a more prosperous Vanuatu for everyone.

Hapi Long Laef 83 Islands distillery, Hapi Long Laef Vanuatu!