We are distilling our Vanuatu Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole Vanuatu Made

We are planting our first local sugarcane in order to be able to make a 100% made in Vanuatu Rhum Agricole in the classic French-style Rhum with a taste of the South Pacific. This Rhum Agricole is unaged and will be released as a limited first edition late 2020. 

The plantation or lack thereof

In November 2019 we planted our first sugarcane plantation in Vanuatu with limited success. We experienced a drought that killed most of the plantation. We relied instead on the wild sugarcane that is growing all around the island. Sugarcane was never a significant crop in Vanuatu and there was little use for it. Indeed, the sugar Industry never established itself in Vanuatu.

Therefore we are currently relying on sugarcane that is growing naturally in the bush. More specifically in the Teouma Bush region of Efate

Although not very far from the distillery geographically, access to Teouma Bush can be difficult which limit our capacity to crush large quantity of sugarcane in a day.

Dry Season Harvest

After this year’s experiment, we will harvest sugarcane for our next batch during the dry season of the winter from June to October. Our next harvests is scheduled for septembre.

Rhum Agricole availability – Late 2020

Stay tuned, we will soon have our Rhum Agricole available as pre-order on this website.