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83 Islands Distillery launching a vodka and Coffee Liqueur ahead of the holidays

83 Islands Distillery, a small craft distillery in Port Vila, Vanuatu, is releasing its first vodka and coffee liqueur.

The vodka called ‘This Vodka Tastes Better’ is a very high quality vodka made from 100% wheat grain. It is super smooth with sweet notes from the grain. It can be drunk by itself or used in your favourite cocktails.

The coffee liqueur is a limited release made with coffee beans from Tanna islands, Vanuatu. The beans have been roasted to perfection by Master Roaster Frank Kingston just for this batch. We used raw cane sugar from Fiji to sweeten this liqueur.

Both products are priced reasonably at 3000vt for the vodka and 4000vt for the coffee liqueur

Buy in our online shop or visit one of our local retailers.

Suggested Cocktail

One of the most simple and most satisfying cocktail to do with a coffee liqueur is a White Russian. It’s a classic, perfectly suited for a holiday night of celebration.

White Russian

  • 30 ml 83 Islands Coffee Liqueur
  • 60 ml 83 Islands Vodka
  • 30 ml Heavy Cream or Milk
  • Ice

Fill an old fashion glass with ice, pour the coffee liqueur, vodka and top with heavy cream or milk. Enjoy!